One of my clients had a LIGHTBULB moment this weekend. Every week, my clients have to fill out a quick questionnaire so that I can track progress, make sure we are on the right track, and they can stay accountable.

This week in one of my questionnaires I got this response:

‘Proud I choose a quest bar over grabbing something from a fast food joint or a calorie busting coffee which us what the old me would have done. Starbucks Grande white chocolate latte 1/2 sweet extra shot of expresso. Yep can’t believe I drank that. I looked it up bc you have made me curious about calorie counts and that drink has 360 calories 11g fat and 51g sugar and I almost always grabbed a banana bread and holy moly. 420 cal. 22g fat 30g sugar. So for one quick snack. Or coffee break at work I would consume 780 calories!! And wonder why I couldn’t lose weight……..’


These kind of moments are what show me I am doing something right as a coach. Anyone can write a meal plan of chicken breast and broccoli and get someone to lose weight. But is that sustainable and has that person actually learned anything about nutrition and how to make healthy eating a long term habit.

We strive to work ourselves out of a job. I don’t want clients who rely on me for the next 20 years to tell them what to do. I prefer to take the time I have with them to TEACH them the concepts that I use to get my clients results so that they can incorporate those into their daily routine and maintain their results for the rest of their life.

I don’t want a robot who follows instructions blindly. I want an army of people who have a better understanding of health, fitness and nutrition so that they can see through all of the bullshit quick fixes being marketed to us every single day.

You what they say, give a man a fish he eats for one day, teach him how to fish he will live forever. In our case, it’s teach him how to fish and then how to cook that fish and why eating fish is important to our health 🙂